Lighting. The one aspect of our homes interior design we shouldn’t neglect

Lighting. The one aspect of our homes interior design we shouldn’t neglect

Redecorating the living room is something we all go through. If not the living room, then the bedroom or the hall. Out comes the pasting table and the paint rollers. We throw up new wallpaper, buy new carpets and sockets & switches. Everyone has their own idea on what looks good & there’s no guarantee what one person likes will be liked by another. One thing that can be pretty much guaranteed however is that when each and every role of your favourite wallpaper has been plastered up you’ve had your lounge light on as bright as possible, so you can see clearly what you are doing. There’s actually something poignant about this.

Whatever decorating you are doing it is pretty much guaranteed that you'll have your light on!

Lighting actually usually tends to be the last thing we consider changing and yet it’s actually the one thing we can adapt and change in a room dependent upon our mood and aesthetic desires. Change a light switch to a dimmer and you can obviously reduce the light output of your rooms main light. Don’t underestimate how a low level of light can change the dynamic of a room. Add a floor lamp or a table lamp in the corner of a lounge and a pool of ambient light can create a soothing effect when you’re tired. Don’t forget, you buy your wallpaper and carpets in a, well lit, bright showroom. The look of your wallpaper changes drastically when the light from a table lamp catches the contours of its design. The colour of a carpet changes when just a floor lamp lights a room. In winter, when it’s dark outside and we want comfort we might use a few, well placed, table lamps. In the summer, if it’s warm we might like a cooling effect. This can be achieved by using cool white versions of your light bulbs. If it’s freezing cold outside, it can make a massive difference to our mood if warm white light bulbs are installed. There is a very big connection between how we are feeling and the type of light we are exposed to in our homes. What works for one person might not work for another in your family so be adaptable. We are all different.

Subtle light can change the feel of a room. A blue table lamp can cool a room on a hot day and a purple one can warm it on a cold day, no matter what your interior finish of wallpaper or paint

You can’t change your carpet or your wallpaper at the click of your finger, but you can adjust their appearance with your lighting. Add colour to your room with attractive objects like photo frames, glass vases & see what effect a carefully placed table lamp can have when it shines through it. You can even use colour changing lighting which is now available. If it’s Valentines’ day you can create a red romantic hue in a room. If plants are an integral part of your interior design, then a green effect may be suitable.

Change the colour of a light & change the appearance of a room!

When you think of redesigning a room, thoughts first turn to tangible items such as furniture, cushions & the things I’ve already mentioned but ideally really your first thought should turn to lighting. Think what you want from your lighting. What purpose do you want it to serve? It does far more than just help you to see. Don’t neglect it. It’s the one thing that is adaptable in your home and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Get the lighting right first and the rest of your dream room should follow. Any look is achievable when the lighting is correct.

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