Bespoke lighting, the David Hunt Lighting way

Bespoke lighting, the David Hunt Lighting way         

Over the years as a lighting retailer I have come across several manufacturers who claim to offer a bespoke service for their light fittings. Some will make a selection of their most popular light fittings in a range of colours. It’s not unheard of to see a chrome, brass, antique brass and maybe pewter version of the same light. Or they may offer a ‘5 arm’ and a ‘3 arm’ version of the same light. This gives you choice, but this is not bespoke! It isn’t even close. If you want a truly bespoke experience you look at David Hunt lighting.

The Sputnik range by David Hunt. Shown here with white shades & gold lining but available in 13 different silk shade colours & 4 different inner lining colours. A truly bespoke product.

There is a reason that David Hunt lighting can offer a proper bespoke service over their rivals and what it really boils down to is 2 things. The first is the actual manufacturing process. The word manufacturing doesn’t really do David Hunt justice. Their products aren’t manufactured they are crafted. Using original techniques by hand as opposed to mass producing they almost create artwork over final products. It is not unusual to walk around the David Hunt Lighting factory and to see craftsman with paint brushes applying hand finishes to products. Quality is key and a piece does not leave the factory unless it is perfect.

Products are handcrafted not mass produced. This craftsmanship allows a bespoke experience should a different finish be desired.

Having this flexibility of craftsmanship allows the bespoke nature of this manufacturer to flourish. If you want a David Hunt table lamp but you don’t really want it in the antique bronze pictured in the catalogue they will paint it differently for you as a one off. If there is a light that is a little too low when hung from a ceiling, they will hand make a shorter version for you. This is almost a form of natural bespoke. It’s organic. There probably isn’t another lighting manufacturer in the country who can achieve this. This leads on to the other factor that allows David Hunt to provide a truly bespoke lighting service, passion. David Hunt Lighting have a passion for their products. These aren’t items that roll off a conveyor belt. They want their clients to be proud of their lighting purchase. Be it a small table lamp or a huge chandelier. Passion is everything and it shows in their products.

Silk shades are available in 13 finishes with 4 inner lining colours creating a combination of 52 unique versions

The other form of bespoke styling that David Hunt Lighting can offer is more of a traditional approach that other manufacturers could also apply. The only difference being that this manufacturer goes that extra mile and then some! If we take the beautiful range of table lamps that David Hunt produce, the vast majority come with silk shades with a choice of 13 colours! Add to the fact that there are also 4 inner lining colour choices and you have a 52 different colour combination choice, for a single shade! They don’t have 52 versions of each shade on the shelf like your regular manufacturer would with their 3 colour choices they might offer. No, David Hunt Lighting set off and hand make your shade the moment an order is placed. This can take 7 to 10 days due to the nature of the process, but a week is surely worth the wait. The same applies to the different paint finishes that they offer to their metal based products, such as their pendant ranges. The quality paint manufacturer Marston and Langinger provide an exclusive range of finishes for David Hunts products that can’t be matched across the UK.

David Hunt have teamed with Marston & Langinger paints to produce a beautiful palette of paint finishes

Really, to sum up, David Hunt Lighting don’t just lead the way in bespoke lighting throughout the UK. David Hunt Lighting is the definition of bespoke lighting and the standard that all other manufacturers should firstly envy, then strive to achieve. The benchmark is set and if you want a truly beautiful piece that you will struggle to find elsewhere then you start and finish with David Hunt Lighting.

To learn a little more about the story of David Hunt Lighting and how they came to stand for quality in the lighting industry visit the David Hunt website here.

(all images copyright: David Hunt Lighting)


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