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Comparing lumens to watts

Comparing lumens to watts
As a population we have become accustomed to judging how bright a bulb is by the wattage of the lightbulb. With the standard classic shaped household bulb, known as a GLS, we have always really known them as 40w, 60w & 100w. The same can be said for candle bulbs & golfball lamps as well, albeit with different wattages. For decades these lightbulbs used incandescent technology where a filament could be seen within the glass of the bulb. Incandescent lamps are very inefficient & consume a lot of power. For a time CFL lightbulbs, or compact fluorescent, began to replace the less efficient incandescent versions however CFL brought their own issues such as a slow warm up time & public safety concerns over mercury.

In recent years LED lightbulbs have come to replace all the previous versions & they seem to get cheaper & brighter with every month. LED lightbulbs offer large advantages over their predecessors. Extremely low wattages combined wit…